What is mead?

In a few words, mead is like wine,
but based on honey and often with fruit and/or
spices, becoming as creative as the meadmaker.

What do you picture when you think of mead --
maybe Vikings celebrating victories in a
mead hall, maybe jovial times at Renaissance
festivals? Yes those are part of enjoying mead,
but not the goal at Sierra Foothills MeaderyTM.

Here the mead is an enjoyable, varied beverage
to be enjoyed with meals or relaxing for an
evening. These are not meads where you say
"that is enough", after a small glass. These meads
range from pleasantly dry to semi-sweet, and
appeal to your tastes however you get
introduced to mead -- enjoy!


This mead loves its home

We love our home in the El Dorado County
foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Terroir has a meaning here: the environment
produces unique vegetation that shows in its
blossoms that go into the local honey, and then
into the mead. This mead also showcases the
apples and other fruit from Apple Hill and other
local areas. The world-class orchards, wineries,
and breweries here are inspiration for these meads.

What's coming?

The goal here is innovation, with new ideas
making their way into tasty meads.
Your feedback and ideas for new products will be
most welcome, and you can watch for new products
as Sierra Foothills MeaderyTM grows.

Where to find Sierra Foothills Meadery's products

Established in 2020, Sierra Foothills Meadery's flagship "Sierra Gold" is available now
for local distribution (contact foothillsmead@gmail.com),
and at ShopMeads.com, local restaurants, and other locations.
Check back here to stay current about the meadery and as more products are added,
then use the search for availability: Search

Featured meads include:

Sierra Gold Dry traditional honey mead, featuring local Foothills wildflower honey. Silver, 2020 El Dorado County Fair (commercial)
Orchard in Bloom Semi-sweet traditional honey mead, with flavors of California orange blossoms and berries. Silver, 2020 El Dorado County Fair (commercial)
Apple Cyser & Apple Pie A hybrid of mead and cider, featuring local wildflower honey and apples. Bronze, 2020 El Dorado County Fair (commercial). Apple Pie adds spice flavor and aroma to Apple Cyser for the autumn season or year-round.
Winter Berry Toyon ("Christmas Berry") honey highlights the holiday flavor of cranberry. Bronze, 2020 El Dorado County Fair (commercial)